McKee Interviews with “Bruce LeVell”

McKee Interviews with “The National Report”

McKee Interviews with “The Daily Signal”

Obama or Trump: Who Has Done More for Blacks in America? Author Keeps Score.

Mckee Interviews with “American Agenda

Mckee Interviews with “Newsmax TV’s America Talks Live”

McKee is a “Insider,” where his extensive writings can be found on his “Silent Minority” Blog ( and has appeared on Newsmax TV’s America Talks Live offering his political insights. Feel free to view some of his key interviews below.


McKee’s articles and commentary have been published in Tallahassee’s Capital Outlook, The Florida Courier, The Florida Sun, Human Events Online, Jacksonville Free Press, The Washington Times, The Tampa Tribune, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel,  the  South Florida Times and the Westside Gazette, He is also a contributor to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s “South Florida 100,” commenting on local and national political issues. To view more of McKee’s work, click the button below.

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